AutoResponse™ coming to The Fire Horn App June 2019

AutoResponse is a new system that shows which responders are en route to a call for service automatically based on location data from their mobile device, their radio push to talk identifier, data received by their dispatch through the computer aided dispatch system, and other sources.

Screenshot of The Fire Horn June 2019 App Update

Responders will no longer have to make attempts at showing themselves as en route by opening an app and thumbing through buttons on a touch screen.  With AutoResponse, everyone can who is on the way, on the scene, or standing by.

The new app also allows for quick viewing of a sitemap, address call history, previous inspections, and other data relevant to a call for service.

Screenshot of The Fire Horn June 2019 App Update - Call Response Area Zoomed

If a responder needs additional assistance, more help is a button press away. Responders can request response verification and others to respond and manually show and verify themselves as en route. AutoResponse works by assembling data from multiple sources and color codes response data so you can see who is on the way, going the wrong way, or needs a second alert.

AutoResponse works alongside other communication systems, radio systems, and app notifications provided by The Fire Horn, and is slated for release in June 2019.

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