AutoResponse™ Rollout Starting

Users of The Fire Horn will start seeing information about AutoResponse™ on their accounts starting today. This staged rollout will continue through the end of July as we prepare all accounts for these exciting new features.

Information about your individual department will show at the top of your account when you login. If you have questions about Auto Response or any other features, contact The Fire Horn!

AutoResponse™ coming to The Fire Horn App June 2019

AutoResponse is a new system that shows which responders are en route to a call for service automatically based on location data from their mobile device, their radio push to talk identifier, data received by their dispatch through the computer aided dispatch system, and other sources.

Screenshot of The Fire Horn June 2019 App Update

Responders will no longer have to make attempts at showing themselves as en route by opening an app and thumbing through buttons on a touch screen.  With AutoResponse, everyone can who is on the way, on the scene, or standing by.

The new app also allows for quick viewing of a sitemap, address call history, previous inspections, and other data relevant to a call for service.

Screenshot of The Fire Horn June 2019 App Update - Call Response Area Zoomed

If a responder needs additional assistance, more help is a button press away. Responders can request response verification and others to respond and manually show and verify themselves as en route. AutoResponse works by assembling data from multiple sources and color codes response data so you can see who is on the way, going the wrong way, or needs a second alert.

AutoResponse works alongside other communication systems, radio systems, and app notifications provided by The Fire Horn, and is slated for release in June 2019.

* Features, application layouts, screenshots and representations of the products within this press release are subject to change and may differ from the final product. This press release does not constitute a guarantee or contractual obligation between any agency and/or The Fire Horn, Inc. Service Level Agreements and contracts for custom software are available from The Fire Horn by contacting customer service at

The Fire Horn, Inc. announces The Orange Wrench™

The Orange Wrench streamlines customer service for agencies using The Fire Horn. Just look for The Orange Wrench Logo when using The Fire Horn and other products to get quick support.

With The Orange Wrench, users can create tickets for Feature Requests, to report Unexpected Behavior, to Request New Service, and more. When a ticket is created with The Orange Wrench, The Fire Horn is notified immediately, and will quickly respond to the request. A member of the service team will promptly review the request, respond, and schedule a followup.

The Orange Wrench is in response to our #1 customer request: An even better and more streamlined way to to track progress and updates in response to customization and customer service requests.

This system will streamline the process of requests for customization, support, and deployment. The system is tied into all aspects of The Fire Horn, so no matter how you get in touch with The Fire Horn, you can track your requests online with The Orange Wrench.

You may already see some of your recent requests in The Orange Wrench. If you don’t, contact The Fire Horn for a followup, and we’ll make sure your request is entered, tracked, and timely fulfilled.

“The Orange Wrench”, “Orange Wrench” and The Orange Wrench Logo are trademarks.

The Fire Horn Responder Network™ Announced

The Fire Horn Responder Network™ Personnel Management System is a new platform for First Responders to streamline access to The Fire Horn® and Radio Bridge® Responder Information Systems. The Personnel Management System handles Personnel Identification, Publication, Management, and Access Control.

The Fire Horn Responder Network™ allows responders to create a profile that tracks training, professional development, certifications, licenses, and provides a mechanism for responders to identify themselves to other agencies and members of the public.

Profiles created on The Fire Horn Responder Network™ will follow a person throughout their career as they move from agency to agency, and will be open for free access to all responders later this week.  Registration will also be open to students enrolled in an emergency services education program.

Pre-Registration to The Fire Horn Responder Network™ is available to all current users of The Fire Horn® and Radio Bridge® Responder Information Systems.

For more information visit

Radio Bridge® Network Performance Upgrades Completed

Upgrades for network allow further expansion of The Fire Horn, and facilitate better voice quality for phone calls.

You may have noticed that phone calls initiated through The Fire Horn® Radio Bridge® Responder Information Network have been coming through with more clarity, speed, and reliability. This has been the result of an ongoing investment and commitment by The Fire Horn in the ongoing expansion of service across the United States.

These updates come as our commitment and investment to Radio Bridge® Information Systems increases in delivering information wirelessly to all users of Radio Bridge®, including first responders.

If you are using an Over the Air Relay Module with Radio Bridge®, and notice static in any voice transmissions by your dispatch, you may want to have a technician calibrate your equipment.  If this is the case, you can contact The Fire Horn for assistance in finding a local technician.

If you have a Radio Bridge® unit in place and want to add power monitoring, temperature or environmental sensors, or a television monitor, contact The Fire Horn for a list of Radio Bridge® compatible equipment.