The Fire Horn, Inc. announces The Orange Wrench™

The Orange Wrench streamlines customer service for agencies using The Fire Horn. Just look for The Orange Wrench Logo when using The Fire Horn and other products to get quick support.

With The Orange Wrench, users can create tickets for Feature Requests, to report Unexpected Behavior, to Request New Service, and more. When a ticket is created with The Orange Wrench, The Fire Horn is notified immediately, and will quickly respond to the request. A member of the service team will promptly review the request, respond, and schedule a followup.

The Orange Wrench is in response to our #1 customer request: An even better and more streamlined way to to track progress and updates in response to customization and customer service requests.

This system will streamline the process of requests for customization, support, and deployment. The system is tied into all aspects of The Fire Horn, so no matter how you get in touch with The Fire Horn, you can track your requests online with The Orange Wrench.

You may already see some of your recent requests in The Orange Wrench. If you don’t, contact The Fire Horn for a followup, and we’ll make sure your request is entered, tracked, and timely fulfilled.

“The Orange Wrench”, “Orange Wrench” and The Orange Wrench Logo are trademarks.

Radio Bridge® Network Performance Upgrades Completed

Upgrades for network allow further expansion of The Fire Horn, and facilitate better voice quality for phone calls.

You may have noticed that phone calls initiated through The Fire Horn® Radio Bridge® Responder Information Network have been coming through with more clarity, speed, and reliability. This has been the result of an ongoing investment and commitment by The Fire Horn in the ongoing expansion of service across the United States.

These updates come as our commitment and investment to Radio Bridge® Information Systems increases in delivering information wirelessly to all users of Radio Bridge®, including first responders.

If you are using an Over the Air Relay Module with Radio Bridge®, and notice static in any voice transmissions by your dispatch, you may want to have a technician calibrate your equipment.  If this is the case, you can contact The Fire Horn for assistance in finding a local technician.

If you have a Radio Bridge® unit in place and want to add power monitoring, temperature or environmental sensors, or a television monitor, contact The Fire Horn for a list of Radio Bridge® compatible equipment.